Puckman recommended surfing
Arcade Flyers
THE ultimate Arcade Flyers database, online for your viewing pleasure!

classic Arcade Game Artwork
This is a collection of high quality digital images of various artwork in a format suitable for professional printing.

The Pacman Forum
Pacman fanatics chatting the hours away.

Pac Chat
That's right, now there's an on-line bulletin board devoted to our favorite round hero!

Namco Arcade
"To play is human." This has been a philosophy of Namco since its beginning, and continues to be the goal of Namco Cybertainment, North America's largest supplier of coin-operated entertainment and attractions. Our mission statement is simple. "We create fun!"

1ste Church of Pacman
Here, you'll find all the Pac-Man stuff I could possibly cram onto one page. You may find it bizarre, you may find it insulting, you may find it frightening. But if you do, you'll also find that I don't give a crap.

classic Gaming dot com
Gaming the way you remember it! Also hosts the rom files for Puckman. Please note that you are NOT allowed to download these roms unless you OWN a Puckman board.

The sound of eating
A guide to the pac-man universe.

"Perfect Score" achieved on Pac-Man
For the first time in video game playing history, a perfect score was achieved on the legendary arcade game, Pac-Man.

The virtual Pacman museum
All things Pacman, this site has a ridiculous amount of images on Pacman merchandise, go check it out now!

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