Namco Limited

Nakamura in front of a Japanese Puckman in 1982

Nakamura Manufacturing Ltd was founded in 1955 by Mr Nakamura with two rocking horses on top of a department store. He changed the name to Namco in 1972 and enters the coinup market through acquisition of Atari Japan. With the released of Puckman in 1979 in Japan (Pacman was launched by Midway in 1980) Namco quickly became an industry leader and is still one today.

Without Namco, Puckman would have never been, and thus no site. Personally I think that Namco is single handed responsible for kicking the gaming industry to the next level by releasing a game that was build from the ground up to appeal to woman, men and children alike.

This site is therefore not only a tribute to Puckman but also the company that created it, Namco.

It goes without saying that all images of Puckman and Pacman on this site are copyrighted by Namco Ltd. I have also put many many hours into reproducing original artwork in Adobe Illustrator and would like to be asked before you copy and re display my work anywhere else. Please email me for this.

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