Still alive! - 08/11/2007
  Yup, I still live and plan to redo the whole website real soon, watch this space.

A new Puckman cab - 23/08/2004
  Wow, I just noticed that it has been more than a year since I last updated this site. I never managed to get the NSM wallmounted cab over from Germany, breakdown in communications I guess which is a shame as the owner smashed up the machine :(
It's not all doom and gloom, thanks to the marvelous bazzfish I now own a Zaccaria Puckman from Italy. A real sweet looking purple cabinet with some bizarre artwork. Go check it out in the cabinets section and expect lots of artwork online soon. So far I have mannaged to scan the entire bezel, marqee and control panel overlay.

Two new Puckman cabs - 09/08/2003
  I just bought two new Puckman cabs, one unknown Namco style cab you can see [here] and a NSM wallmounted Puckman cab, pictures as soon as I get it over from Germany.

Site clean up - 30/07/2003
  Since it has been such a long time that I worked on the site I decided to go trough all pages and do some HTML tyding up, I hope you like the result.

I got myself a puckman tattoo - 16/07/2003
  How dedicated can one be to a hobby? Go check out my new Puckman tattoo [here].

New Puckman cab found! - 22/07/2002
  Yup, it is true, I found a new type of Puckman cab on [ebay]. I am emailing with the owner and he has suplied photos, expect them online soon! For now I have added an entry to the cab list [here].

Adding a members gallery - 02/06/2002
  A Puckman cab is so rare that it should be no trouble for me to add a page for every Puckman owner in the world :)

So, if you own a Puckman arcade game and would like to showcase it [here] then [email] me.

Puckman Pockiman game by Genie - 27/02/2002
  I now found a flyer for [Puckman Pockiman] and made some screenshots.

Puckman Pockiman game by Genie - 28/11/2001
  Remember that [Puckman Pockiman] game I talked about before? Well, I tracked one down and bought it :) Expect more info on said page real soon!

Puckman upright sold :( - 18/11/2001
  A sad day indeed. Because I really needed the money and the space I had to sell my Puckman upright :( I hope that [Arcade Warehouse] will find a good home for it.

Bought Jaleco Puckman Cocktail - 17/09/2001
  Today I got a new Puckman cocktail from a friend up north (everything north of London is up north). Needs plenty of work, expect pictures soon.

Puckman Pockimon game by Genie - 19/07/2001
  Some company called Genie (anyone more info) has made this Puckman Pokimon duo game.. Check it out [here].

Thumb Candy - 19/07/2001
  I still have no memory for my 8500 so cant do the video capture at the resolution I want. To give you a taster I have decided to crab some stills at the resolution I wanted. Check them out [here].

Toru Iwatani - 19/07/2001
  Its confirmed, Toru Iwatani still eats pizza! Check it out [here].                             

Thumb Candy - 10/04/2001
  Puckman's, Toru Iwatani, creator was recently interviewed in a British program called Thumb Candy. I have digitized 2 short segments into Quicktime 4 format, check it out [here] and [here]

As soon as I get some more memory for my PowerMac 8500AV I will digitize the entire interview in a much larger resolution.

Added a Puckman in ASCI - 09/04/2001
  I found this program that can convert an image to ASCI, check out what I did [here].

Added Pacman cocktail recipe - 09/04/2001
  Added a recipe for a Pacman cocktail that I found on a cocktail database site, check it out [here].

Uploaded new high res foto of side art - 09/04/2001
  I used my works digital camerca to take a new photo of my Kenphone Puckman cab, check it out [here].

What English do the Japanese speak? - 08/04/2001
  I found this very funny site that keeps track of the English blunders the Japanese make in daily life, go check it out [here].

I have been contacted by Namco Legal - 07/04/2001
  After 2 years of sending emails and snailmails to Namco Ltd Japan they have finally decided to be so polite to write me back. Asking if I have acquired the right's to place Puckman material online.

Now I have been in contact with Namco US and UK for some time and they both like my site, even more, they think that fan sites are a compliment to what they do.

I have now emailed Namco Ltd Japan back asking how I can get the OK from them to have this site. If not I will be forced to shut down :(

Feel free to [email] me with your thoughts on the matter.

Puckman site gets mini review - 07/04/2001
  Just found out that someone wrote a mini review about this site ^_^
Would have been nice if they had send me an email, but thanks anyways. [click here] to visit the site.

This is the stuff they wrote, just in case they remove it from their site.

No, this isn't some clone of Pacman, but a site dedicated to the actual Pacman game. As any classic game fan knows, Pacman was named Puckman over in Japan, but the name was changed when it was brought over here due to fear that vandals would change the lettering to a profanity. Anyways, this site is dedicated to the original game and has quite a bit of stuff about it, including a ton of pictures of the original machine, in both standup and cocktail machines. So if you ever wanted to learn a little more about Puckman, then check out this site
source: Retro Gaming Times

Puckman site now in Japanese - 03/04/2001
  With the help of Altavista's BabelFish you can now view my page in several other languages, well sort of anyways. [click here] and then select to whatever you would like to translate it.

New Pacman game called Pac'n Party - 10/03/2001
  I know this is old news and not directly Puckman related but it is as close as I can get ^_^

Namco Ltd Japan released a new Pacman game called Pac'n Party. It's a shooting gallery type of game and features colourfull graphics that would make Puckman proud. Go check it out [here].

Problem with viewing high res - 08/03/2001
  I found out today that when clicking on the high res links in the artwork section it will only show you half of the images. Instead right click or hold click to download the high res file to your desktop.

Artwork for Pacman cocktail - 08/03/2001
  I know this is not direct Puckman related but I created control panels artwork for a Pacman cocktail. If you would like these please [email] me.
  They are in Adobe Illustrator format but can be converted to any other image format.

Added artwork section - 07/03/2001
  I have added the artwork section, changed Namco to Namco Ltd and added a page linking to all Namco sites. If you have any comments please [email] me.

Puckman site redesign done - 04/03/2001
  I finaly made the time to sit down and work on my Puckman site and I'm rather pleased with the way it worked out. If you have any comments please [email] me.

My new Puckman upright arrived - 09/02/2001
  Jonathan Thompson from Retro Arcade Machines delivered my Puckman upright from Kenphono Electronics. A well done bootleg with artwork that is 99% accurate to the Namco original.
If you have any more info on the origins of this machine please [email] me.

Set up an eGroups Puckman mailing list - 01/02/2001
  I have set up a Puckman mailing list on Yahoo Groups so all us Puckman nutters can exhange mails.
You can [click here] to join us.

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